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Looking to put on an awesome event for your loyal punters, and maybe get some new music-loving regulars through the door? Let us know where, when, and we’ll take care of the rest. From finding the artist(s) for your venue, to setting up ticketing and more, we’ve got you covered…

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Just a bunch of die-hard music fans, bringing kick ass artists and bands to Berkshire

Crazy Cowboy Events live for finding the artists killing it on the music scene right now, and booking them to play at your favourite Berkshire venues. We’re thinking wild gigs, intimate acoustic sets and more, experienced at some of the greatest Reading rock haunts like The Facebar.

Home to Bracknell and Woodley-born pop-rock band, The Hoosiers, dance-punk Reading band Does It Offend You, Yeah?, and of course, Reading Festival, Berkshire’s got music game. And we’re on a mission to bring the biggest music monsters BACK, to play all year long.


Wanna play? We’re always looking for the next biggest name in Berkshire. Drop us a line at the address below for all general gig enquiries.

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Wanna cover an event? Get in touch with the Press email address for event coverage, up-and-coming artists and to find out more about Crazy Cowboy Events.